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Draco Tera Enterprise scale
KVM DVI Matrix Switch

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Draco Tera Compact KVM & DVI Matrix Switch and Extender products

Draco Tera Enterprise Scale KVM and DVI Matrix Switch

The Draco Tera Enterprise DVI KVM Matrix Switch opens a new chapter in the world of enterprise scale digital video and KVM matrix switching. Unique features make it a powerful choice for numerous command, control, and broadcast applications.

The Draco Tera matrix switch is based on well established Gigabit Ethernet technology enabling a cost-effective switching and extension solution. In combination with Draco extenders you can build up a system with upto 288 flexible ports supporting DVI video together with USB and audio options. All common DVI Single-Link resolutions are supported including High-Definition 1080p.

All interface signals are routed over CatX or fibre cabling between the Draco tera chassis and Draco Extender units. Within a single chassis you may freely mix interface types, seamlessly converting from one to another to bridge distances from 140m to 10 km (on either side of the switch). One interface option even allows the use of CWDM transceivers to route multiple links over a single fibre pair.

The system has numerous operation modes enabling it to be tailored to suit virtually any routing application. Flexible system management via OSD, network, or serial interfaces further enhances the capability of the switch, allowing efficient integration with users’ custom control equipment (such as macro keypads and touch panels).

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Draco Tera KVM DVI Matrix Switch solutions

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Instant Video Switching

Draco switches uniquely offer ‘Instant Video Switching’. This feature enables video sources of the same resolution to be switched in milliseconds – within a single video frame. Competing, IP-based solutions, may take as long as 15 seconds to switch. Only the Draco family makes it possible to seamlessly monitor numerous CPUs without delay or video blanking.

FlexPort Technology

A new Draco feature, which separates the Draco tera from other solutions is ‘FlexPort Technology’.
This allows any single I/O port to be operate as either a dedicated Input (connected to a CPU or DVI source) or Output (connected to a Console or DVI monitor). Such flexibility ensures the matrix is fully utilised to precisely match the demanded configuration. For example: 120 CPUs on 40 consoles is possible, and so is 150 CPUs on 10 consoles, or even 20 DVI sources on 140 monitors! Other switch solutions normally allow only ‘square’ applications (such as 80 In / 80 Out), wasting ports, as a larger and more expensive matrix is required.

Most importantly – there is no need to explicitly configure or map I/O ports. When attaching a Draco Extender to the switch it will uniquely identify itself (ID), and the Draco tera will automatically allocate the required ports. The only configuration required is to give each extender a memorable name: once this is done, the device may be reconnected to any ports on the switch and the device will automatically be made available on system menus.

Expert Training and Evaluation

To fully appreciate the Draco system it is best to get a ‘hands-on’ experience with a complex system set-up. Scene Double now has a fully equipped training and evaluation suite located at our head office in Borehamwood, UK.
Expert customized sessions are offered via appointment.

Draco Major Training Session

Training Room

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Draco Tera Key Features

  • Combined Matrix Switch & Extender Solution
  • Crystal-clear Single-Link DVI video operation (to 1080p or 2K). DVI Dual-Link will be supported as a future option
  • Instantaneous video switching
  • Real-time: no video or mouse latency
  • Configurable as a KVM matrix switch or DVI video router
  • CatX or Fibre interconnect (mixed operation possible)
  • Long extension distance (on either side of the switch):
    • CatX: 120 metres
    • Multimode: 400 metres
    • Singlemode: 10 km
  • No video signal degradation over distance
  • Supports USB HID devices as standard
  • USB 2.0, Audio, and Serial support options
  • From 48 to 288 ports, scaleable in steps of 8 Ports
  • Numerous operational modes for maximum flexibility
  • FlexPort Technology allows any port to be configured as an input or output
  • System control and administration via OSD, Serial, Network, Web, SNMP
  • Instant switch reconfiguration using stored profiles and user macros
  • Full user and access rights management (to device level)
  • Intuitive configuration and automatic device identification.
  • Easily interfaces to 3rd party control systems and macro keypads
  • Redundant PSU (option)

Draco System Components

Draco Tera Enterprise Switch Chassis

The Draco chassis is populated with CatX or fibre interface cards. Each card has eight flexible I/O ports. Up to twenty cards may be installed in a Draco 160-port chassis. For truly large-scale applications, a 288-port chassis is also available. Cards supporting different media may be freely mixed within the same chassis.


Draco Extender Local and Remote Units

A Local (CPU) Unit is connected between the switch and each CPU (or video source), whilst a Remote (CON) Unit is required between the switch and each user console (or monitors). Various models available each with different interface options, all of which may be rack mounted.

                                   Draco Compact, Draco Vario KVM DVI Extender solutions
Numerous Draco Extender models are available supporting any desired combination of video, USB, and audio interfaces.

For full details on the Draco Extender range, please click here

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