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Icron USB Ranger 2211

Icron USB Ranger 2211
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Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2211 (Single-Port)

The USB Ranger 2211 supplies better USB performance and USB device support, allowing users to extend USB 2.0 connections up to 330 ft (100m) over a single Cat 5e cable.
With flexible powering, power can be applied to the local extender or remote extender, allowing installers to carry one product for two types of installations; one requiring power next to the host and one requiring power at the remote location.
Additionally, the extension system is ideal for use with USB peripherals including: All USB device types from keyboards, mice, interactive white boards, flash drives, hard drives, audio devices, USB 2.0 web cameras and any other USB 2.0 or 1.1 device.

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application diagram

Range (Category 5e UTP cable)

Local unit USB connector

Local unit Link connector

Remote unit Link connector

Remote unit USB connector

Power adapter Maximum Rating

Current available to USB at Remote

Local unit dimensions

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