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Scene Double Case Studies

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Draco Compact KVM Extenders used to transmit HD images throughout The View from The Shard

Scene Double News &     To transmit video signals over this huge distance, IHSE’s Draco Compact KVM Extenders were chosen, enabling artifact-free transmission to the screens over the multi-mode fiber installed through the building

Scene Double help BT Sport studios achieve centralized, tapeless workflow with Draco Tera Enterprise KVM matrix switches

Scene Double News &     Scene Double, IHSE’s UK distributor, provided technical and integration support to the project teams. Ray Gordon, managing director of Scene Double highlighted the complexity of the installation: “This is one of the largest single-system installations of the IHSE Draco Tera switch in the world.

Skywalker Sound pioneers use of High Speed, High Resolution Digital Audio/Video Draco tera enterprise KVM Matrix Switch

Scene Double News &     The Draco Tera solution, with the new configuration capabilities, features, and DVI support allowed for the inclusion of projectors for immediate access to content. On a moment’s notice Skywalker can display content or tools on anything connected to the HD-KVM Matrix.

Shapeshifter Post employs Draco Tera Enterprise KVM matrix switch to manage post production workflow

Scene Double News &     Working to design and deploy a solution using IHSE’s Draco Tera KVM matrix switch, Shapeshifter Post was the first post-production facility in Hollywood to embrace the high speed technology. "The Draco series is the fastest core switching product on the market“

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