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Scene Double Case Studies

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KVM Enterprise and Video Matrix Switches in Broadcast

Scene Double News &     Broadcast studios, post-production houses and edit studios are rapidly building virtual systems where banks of computers and file storage devices are located in dedicated computer rooms

Scene Double provides extension for mission crital workstations in police command centre

Scene Double News &     Scene Double’s engineers made minor changes to the device’s operation to meet certain specific requirements needed for this project: an action that was possible as they are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK, which turned out to be critical to the success of this project

Scene Double provides remote control at Barcelona's El Prat Airport

Scene Double News &     We evaluated several suppliers’ products for suitability and found that Scene Double’s KVM extenders best met the overall criteria for use in such an area of critical operation. In particular, we have confidence in their quality and reliability and that they will not fail, even after years of continuous use

Scene Double helps The Projection Partnership deliver reliable AV content

Scene Double News &     The Projection Partnership turns to Scene Double’s extensive range of Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) extenders for a solution. Scene Double’s KVM devices are of the fit-and-forget type that are simply installed and ignored, operating reliably and without intervention.

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