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Scee Double assists in surveying of the sea bed


The 65 metre MV Fugro Searcher is a new, highly equipped geophysical survey vessel capable of operating in all weathers in the North Sea and International waters. She is equipped with an array of echo sounders, sonar equipment and bottom profilers to service the offshore oil and gas and cable engineering industries.

Sensitive measurement and recording equipment is housed in environmentally-controlled and protected equipment rooms, deep within the hull of the vessel and remotely located from the operators located near the bridge. Dave Jewitt-Dodd, Base engineer for Fugro explains the layout: Vast arrays of specialised survey equipment, computers and data storage need to be co-located in order to minimise cable runs, data attenuation and to maximise signal-noise ratios. We needed to connect various devices to monitors, keyboards, mice and other peripheral equipment so that the operators can control it all from their stations on the top-deck. To do so we selected KVM Extenders from Scene-Double s extensive range of computer and video extension equipment which provide this control simply and easily over the ship s Cat7 cable network. Selection was based on the capability of the devices, and the reputation that Scene Double s products have for reliability and resilience.

Ray Gordon, Founder and Director of Scene Double comments: Applications of this type require plug-and-play operation with high levels of continuous operation. Vessels undertaking long surveys at sea cannot carry spare equipment so all the devices selected must be able to withstand harsh environments whilst providing uninterrupted service: which is exactly the type of operational performance we strive to achieve with our UK-designed and manufactured product range.

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About Scene Double

Scene Double’s design and manufacturing experience and expertise in the professional KVM and video extension market stretches back over 20 years from its formation in 1991. Many products are manufactured under OEM relationships with some of the computer industry’s largest suppliers of computer systems and peripherals from Scene Double’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of volume surface-mount and complete product assembly. Direct sales of KVM, DVI and video extension and switching devices are also undertaken from the headquarters site in Hertfordshire to major organisations throughout the world where they are renowned for their quality, innovation and reliability.

Scene Double has entered into a number of technology cross-licensing and marketing deals with other companies in similar markets. The company prides itself on a strong level of personal support, provided in most case by engineers responsible for original product design. This has culminated in the recent opening of a fully equipped and spacious training facility for all its own products, together with those of its partner companies. Scene Double also offers full system specification services to assist dealers and system integrators in specifying and using its KVM and DVI switching and extension product range.