KVM in Maritime Research

KVM in Maritime Research

Today we are used to being able to access content quickly and easily wherever we are. What is a simple process on our home networks poses enormous challenges in secure installations in critical environments - especially when they process large amounts of data.

Many systems reach their limits when it comes to data capacity and flexibility

Research vessels that collect and process data, for example those making geological measurements of the seabed, require high-performance computers that must be protected from moisture, extreme temperatures and vibration. There is a particular challenge in ocean-going vessels with the lack of space in which to locate these sensitive devices.

To work effectively, researchers and staff need unrestricted and instant access to all data and information from any location on board.

Tomorrow’s solutions, today

Future-proof solutions to these requirements have already been deployed on research vessels. These cutting-edge solutions deliver a range of benefits:

•    Real-time data transmission
•    Delay-free switching
•    Sharing of resources and content
•    Access to systems located on different decks

Many manufacturers of superyachts (e.g. ADK) and cruise ships (e.g. Symphony of the Seas) as well as operators of research and exploration vessels rely on IHSE solutions, including Fugro Searcher, Petroleum-Geo Services (PGS) and the Alfred Wegener Institute with its flagship, the legendary icebreaker Polarstern.

With IHSE solutions, computers and special equipment can be re-located to a secure environment with complete real-time access. To the operator, it feels as if all computers and devices are located alongside their own workstation.

Engineers and researchers can work jointly on projects, share resources and access all data, subject to defined access rights. Workstation complexity is minimized, equipment is protected and space is saved.

Want to really understand our KVM Solutions?

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           High video resolution, low latency and instant switching, combined with comprehensive interfacing to studio control systems made IHSE the ideal choice

Ian Martin, Broadcast Solution Consultant, AIT Partnership Group


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