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DVXi Digital KVM Extenders over CATx

These high performance KVM Extenders offer an ideal, cost effective means for extending digital video, audio and control signals from DVI-D equipped devices

The DVXi Extender supports DVI graphic interfaces (DVI-D) and, depending on device type, either PS2 keyboard/mouse or USB keyboard/mouse. With our Enhanced USB Emulation, the device will also support a wide range of special USB-HID devices like touch screens, tablets and other pointing devices.

Using a highly effective compression algorithm you can count on the DVX to provide the highest resolutions (1920x1200 @ 24 bit) without motion artefacts such as jerky video or motion latency. A unique feature of the DVX is that the maximum signal distance does not depend on the screen resolution.
Offered as a Single-, Dual- or Quad-Head device, work space clutter becomes a thing of the past with only one CATx cable required to send signals upto 140m.

For higher resolutions such as 1080P, 2K and 4K and interfaces such as HDMI & Display Port consider the DRACO Extender range:

Draco Digital KVM Extender series - Draco Compact and Draco Vario (Modular)
- Both Support DVI-D Video at 24-bit at all resolutions to 1920x1200, 2048x1152 & 1080p upwards.

DVXi Digital CATx DVI KVM Extender Series

DVXi DVI Digital KVM Extenders

SUITABLE FOR all DVI-D applications at resolutions below 1080p.
For higher resolutions, consider the DRACO Extender range.
Ideal for solutions that require Local Ouputs (Video & PS/2).