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Latest Scene Double News

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Output DVI, HDMI or Display Port sources on legacy VGA monitors with Draco Vario

Scene Double News &     The new DVI-I CON Units are ideally suited to installations that require video signals produced by modern computers with DVI, DisplayPort or HDMI video outputs to be displayed on legacy VGA-input monitors

Switching 3G-SDI and USB 3.0 data signals is now possible

Scene Double News &     Now you can customize your Draco Tera Enterprise KVM matrix switch with fiber or coax SFPs supporting either SDI signals or USB 3.0 sources

Draco Tera Matrix now able to switch USB 3.0 Super-Speed signals

Scene Double News &     This innovation adds the support of Icron’s USB 3.0 extenders to IHSE’s Draco tera systems, thus enabling the switching of USB 3.0 super-speed signals at data rates up to 5 GBit/s - 10 times faster than USB 2.0!

Fully Redundant KVM system architecture for Draco solutions

Scene Double News &     All KVM extenders of the Draco Vario range are immediately available with a redundant data option for both CPU Units and CON Units

HDMI interfaces now available on our bespoke Draco Vario KVM series

Scene Double News &     For visually lossless extension of HDMI signals, Scene Double has launched a new extender range: the Draco Vario HDMI extender series. The HDMI extenders are compatible with the Draco Tera matrix series and are cross-compatible with the DVI extender series for video and USB-HID extension

NEC Showcase 2014 - IHSE was invited to attend as one of the 50 best-of-breed hardware manufacturers

Scene Double News &     Scene Double, IHSE’s UK exclusive distributor, represented IHSE at the show with a demonstration of a Draco Tera Matrix Switching system and several screens, including a 2 x 2 monitor wall

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