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Latest Scene Double News

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Noise-free audio transmission up to 10 km with balanced audio modules

Scene Double News &     We can now announce the release of IHSE balanced audio upgrade modules, to enable the integration of professional microphones into KVM environments. Used in conjunction with our existing KVM extender solutions, the new modules enable the extension of balanced audio signals with high resolution 4K video and USB over a single copper or fiber cable.

Draco Vario KVM Extender configurator is now live!

Scene Double News &     With our Draco Vario configurator you can easily plan all your KVM Extender modules! Choose your chassis size, and then select the interface cards you require ... Easy! You can then print out your extender configurations, and email them to us with your order

New USB 3.0 Extention Solutions for Machine Vision camera applications

Scene Double News &     USB 3.0s distance limit is approximately 3 meters. When up to 15 meters is required, consider the USB 3.0 Spectra 3001-15 active copper cable

4K DisplayPort Draco Vario introduced by Scene Double

Scene Double News &     With the latest Draco Vario 4K DisplayPort extender, you can transfer fully-digital video signals (including 3D video in full-HD) supported in 4K resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160

Draco CPU Switch connects upto eight computers to a single workstation

Scene Double News &     Scene Double announces the release of a new Draco CPU Switch for the transmission of video signals together with audio and USB for up to eight computers to one workstation using one interconnect cable.

Draco Vario Dual-Link extenders enable the transmission of 4K video signals

Scene Double News &     Scene Double announces upgraded Draco Vario Dual-Link KVM extenders for 4K video signals transfer. The new models support the transmission of video resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 pixels via one data cable.

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